Dairy alternatives

Fuji Oil is a world-leader in developing new technologies and applications to create delicious and healthy alternatives based on soy. We have a long history of creating both plant-dairy hybrid solutions and 100% dairy alternatives that are suitable for the dairy-free and vegan markets.

We utilize our proprietary separation process called Ultra Soy Separation produces a low-fat soy milk and soy cream to extend the range of solutions based on soy, while maintaining a natural taste with none of the beany off-flavour associated with conventional soy milk-based products.

We will further extend our soy-based solutions through working with external partners and will also apply our know-how to protein sources other than soy.

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Be inspired by our applications!

Ko-cream, a rich soy cream alternative to dairy

Our rich soy cream enhances flavor and increases umami in a diverse range of foods. It can be used in both sweet and savory dishes as a cooking cream. It also has fewer calories than an equivalent amount of fresh dairy cream. 

Soy delice cheese alternative

Our Soy Delice range of cream and semi-hard plant-based cheeses have a mild taste and excellent mouthfeel and can be used in a range of applications, such as pizza toppings or rich creamy sauces.

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