Mung Bean Protein Isolate

The mung bean is a  staple food in China and India and has been consumed for more than 2000 years.  Traditionally, the mature seeds of mung bean have been an invaluable source of digestible protein for humans in places where meat is lacking in the diet. These days mung bean protein is of interest not only for as a dietary protein source, but also due to its functionality in plant-based foods.

Introducing Fuji Oil’s MPR-ER – 80% mung bean protein isolate

Fuji Oil’s MPR-ER is a protein isolate extracted from mung beans and standardized to a total crude protein content greater than 80%. MPR-ER has applications in a variety of plant-based food products, including plant-based foods such as meat alternatives. It is widely recognized as an ingredient in egg alternative products.

MPR-ER functionality

  • Fuji Oil’s proprietary process results in a pale colour powder with no tannin off-flavour.
  • Greater gel strength than other legume protein isolates
  • Low viscosity
  • More soluble than most bean proteins
Mung bean isolate
MUPI mocha smoothie and Ko-Cream whipped topping

Advantages of MPR-ER in applications

  1. Works well in biscuits, baked goods, rolls, pastries and cookies, high-protein drinks and desserts. 
  2. Applications in plant-based foods such as meat and egg alternatives
  3. Store and process like wheat flour
  4. Shelf life is 256 days at room temperature

Regulatory status

In the USA, Mung bean protein isolate has received self-affirmed GRAS and can be used as a food ingredient. It has not yet been approved for use in food in the EU.

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