Fuji Europe Africa BV was recently nominated as one of 3 Japanese companies in the “newcomer” Section for the Deshima Award. The Deshima Award is an annual award given by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and the Dutch & Japan Trade Federation to the winners of two categories: “Long-timers”, Japanese companies that have made a considerable contribution to the Dutch economy, society and innovation over a period of many years, and “newcomers”, Japanese companies that have recently been established in the Netherlands and are already making a contribution to economy, society and innovation.

FEA was delighted to be awarded with the runner-up award at the award ceremony on Thursday 24th March. Liz Kamei represented FEA and GICE to accept the award. FEA was nominated by OostNL because of their active participation in innovation projects with Dutch universities and companies since the establishment of Fuji Europe Africa BV in 2018, and to note the recent establishment of the Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe.

More information about the Deshima Award and the winners can be found at: https://investinholland.com/news/deshima-netherlands-awards-2021-for-kubota-and-ace/