FEA SDG prize Fuji Oil

Fuji Europe Africa BV, the European hub for the Fuji Oil Group, is pleased to award the 2021 “Fuji Europe Africa SDG Prize” to Team “Cultivated”, recent winners of the Prototyping category in the Rethink Protein Challenge hosted by Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

The €2000 prize was presented by Liz Kamei, Director of Open Innovation & External Partnerships and Naoya Ikenaga, emulsions research expert.

The prize is presented to the Rethink Protein finalist team that shows a strong alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and, in particular, demonstrates an affinity with Fuji Oil’s key SDG themes and business. The Fuji Oil Group has focused on three key themes to contribute to the realization of the SDGs; sustainable procurement, reducing our environmental impact and creating solutions that contribute to the safety, security and quality of food.

Julia Gil N. Martin and Tomas Turner of “Cultivated” were chosen for their approach to producing a lipid alternative to milk fat through precision fermentation using yeast. Milk fat is an important component in dairy foods, contributing to the taste and texture. Their approach utilizes side streams from the food processing industry, further reducing the impact on the environment. The team was well prepared, had a good understanding of the science and had a clear vision for the future of their technology.

Julia is currently in the process of completing her double MSc on consumer science and food technology at Wageningen University, while Tomas has just completed his thesis at EPFL in Switzerland and is continuing work on the Cultivated technology. We wish Team Cultivated the best of luck in their future endeavours!