Osaka, June 1st: Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. (President and CEO: Mikio Sakai) announced today its Responsible Soybeans and Soy Products Sourcing Policy. This policy will contribute to Fuji Oil’s Sustainable Procurement ambitions.

Since 2020, we have joined RTRS, with the guidance of an external organization, we have considered it many times in formulating the procurement policy.

Positioning of Soybeans in Our Business and Social Issues

Soybeans are one of the most widely used food ingredients in the world and an important raw material for our business. In recent years, soy-based alternatives to meat and dairy products, are increasingly significant foodstuffs to feed the ever-increasing world population. On the other hand, we recognize that the production of soybeans can lead to the destruction of forests and ecosystems, and to human rights issues such as the violation of the rights of indigenous peoples and communities in some areas.

Our Sourcing Policy

In order to meet the growing expectations for soybean products and to solve social issues at soybean production locations, we procure soybeans and soybean products through people- and environment-friendly suppliers with clearly defined responsibilities. This procurement policy applies to all suppliers of Group companies handling soybeans and soybean products that the Group purchases, trades, processes and/or sells worldwide.


We are committed to procuring soybeans and soybean products produced in accordance with the following standards: ・Protection of biodiversity and zero deforestation ・Zero exploitation of indigenous peoples, local communities and workers ・Legal compliance


The following goals will be implemented for whole soybeans, defatted soybeans, and isolated soybean proteins used by the Group. Approximately 75% of the soybeans and soybean products currently purchased by the Group are included in the scope of this policy. KPIs and alternative recipes for the remaining 25% (soy oil and lecithin) shall be considered at the end of FY 2022 The main origins of the target soybeans are North America and China.

We position RTRS as an important partner in sustainable soybean procurement, to provide sustainable soybean procurement and support for farmers.

RTRS five principles:

  • Responsible Labor Conditions
  • Legal Compliance and Good Business Practices
  • Responsible Community Relations
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Good Agricultural Practices

Currently, we have achieved 100% IP handling in the Japanese market and will continue to do so. In other markets, we aim to achieve 100% by 2025 through traceability to the first collection point or through RTRS or equivalent certification. In addition, from 2025 onward, we will proceed to trace to the level of the farmer’s community.

Additionally, we shall collect detailed data on the remaining 25% of soybean oil and soybean lecithin, we shall consider alternative recipes, and we will set KPIs by the end of FY 2022.

Through these actions, we shall contribute to improving human rights and the environment by promoting sustainable soy procurement.