Did you know that the former CEO of Fuji Oil, Mr Hiroshi Shimizu, suggested a “Vegetarian Once a Week” campaign in Japan back in 1988? Mr Shimizu was way ahead of his time in proposing such an action and at that time the proposal did not get much attention from Japanese consumers.

This is one of the stories that Liz Kamei, Director of Open Innovation & External Partnerships at Fuji Europe Africa, told to illustrate the long history that the Fuji Oil Group has with plant-based foods and ingredients at a recent Joint Meeting between the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods and its Dutch counterpart.

Fuji Oil has built on the foundations of many hundreds of years of Asian know-how of the soy bean and its use in food to develop plant-based food solutions. Fuji Oil developed textured soy proteins that could replace meat in the 1960s, and was already working on how to utilize the side streams from soy processing way before sustainability became a term recognised by consumers.

Fuji Oil is continuing to create plant-based food solutions with a focus on deliciousness and health, and, of course, a commitment to the “health” of our planet!