Acceleration of PBFS (Plant-Based Food Solutions) business overseas

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. (President & CEO: Mikio Sakai) has decided to invest through its Dutch subsidiary in UNOVIS NCAP II Fund, which is a major fund specializing in food tech.

The Fuji Oil Group aims to contribute to a sustainable society using its processing technologies for the emulsification, fermentation and fractionation, etc. of plant-based food materials to tackle the issues facing customers and consumers around the world.

In order to resolve the world’s food-related challenges, such as environmental issues including climate change and the need to construct healthy food systems for the world’s growing population, this investment is positioned as a project to connect backcasting from the future and forecasting from the present as we further accelerate PBFS expansion overseas.

UNOVIS Asset Management B.V., the company behind this fund, is a worldwide trail-blazing fund specializing in food tech that has focused on food tech companies  pursuing solutions for environmental issues, such as Beyond Meat (plant-based protein) and Mosa Meat (cultured protein) etc. in their early stages and contributed to the growth of many such companies through deep involvement in their operations.

By investing in this fund, the Fuji Oil Group will take part in a broad range of alternative protein business domains and utilize its oil and fat, and protein processing technologies to pursue synergy with the Group’s existing global businesses. Also, based on a market-in concept, the Fuji Oil Group will go beyond conventional frameworks to resolve market needs and diverse issues across the world. 

UNOVIS Asset Management B.V.

  • Location: Netherlands
  • Representative: Chris Kerr
  • Business details: Composition of fund specialized in alternative protein industry (UNOVISNCAP I fund has been composed in 2015)


  • Location: Netherlands
  • Total investment amount: Approx. €100 million (TBD)
  • Portfolio companies: Companies producing plant-based and fermented/cultured protein products

The Fuji Oil Group’s Business Solution

PBFS (Plant-Based Food Solutions)

We believe that plants possess an infinite power for good. By harnessing that power, we will create food ingredients that are delicious, improve people’s well-being, and protect the planet. Through our plant-based food solutions, we will stay ahead of our time, inventing answers that anticipate tomorrow’s problems. We will help provide sustenance for growing populations, support our aging societies, and meet global demands for better health.