Shea Sustainability Program

Fuji Oil launched its Shea Sustainability Program Tebma-Kandu during a field visit to 16 Women Cooperatives in North Ghana. The program includes continuous improvement activities in reforestation, women empowerment, and local value creation. 

Techiman, March 11: The first milestone of Fuji Oil’s Sustainability Program Tebma-Kandu was set with the signing of 16 agreements between cooperative representatives and Fuji Oil Ghana, and 7 more will be signed once regional COVID restrictions are lifted.  The agreements contain the intention by Fuji Oil to source specific shea kernel volumes from the cooperatives at a given quality, and to provide pre-financing before the start of the season. Fuji Oil estimates that these agreements will benefit approximately 20.000 women in Northern Ghana. Furthermore, this is a major milestone in the road to full traceability of Fuji Oil’s raw materials.

“Tebma-Kandu” is Mamprusi and means: “I want to climb, but I need a push”, and this is precisely what Fuji Oil wants to achieve with its sustainability program. Lifting the capability of these cooperatives to produce high quality shea kernels, while creating value for the communities in Ghana and for Fuji Oil’s Business. Other program activities include the sponsoring of warehouses, local capability building and reforestation projects.

Ronny Voorspools, Managing Director of Fuji Oil Ghana says: “What an honor that my signature is amongst those of the cooperatives’ female leaders. It is a privilege to “push” them along this steep “climb” towards a successful business. Meeting the high-quality standards of Fuji Oil and assist in improving the livelihood of the women is a true win-win”.

Fuji Oil works in collaboration with the Presbyterian Agricultural Service (PAS), Kerk in Actie and the Global Shea Alliance.

About Fuji Oil Holdings

The Fuji Oil Group is a manufacturer of plant-based food solutions in the fields of hard butters for chocolate and industrial use chocolate; confectionery and bakery ingredients including cream, margarine, and cheese-flavor ingredients; and soy ingredients. With Headquarters in Japan, the Group has 32 companies in 14 countries and employs nearly 6000 talented people. Ever since its founding in 1950, Fuji Oil has adhered to the conviction that its path to survival and advancement lies in cultivating new fields through application of its originality, without following the lead of other companies. With a focus on tropical oils and fats, we began developing business overseas at an early stage. Similarly, in the belief that soybeans will contribute to human health and the environment, we have been researching and making sophisticated use of them for more than half a century.