The renowned non-profit organization CDP awarded Fuji oil the Climate Change A- level, in recognition to its measures against climate change and high transparency of the related information provided.

CDP ( runs an environmental disclosure system among more for companies than 8,400 companies, which account for more than 50% of the global market capitalization. The score “Climate Change A-” awarded to the Fuji Oil Group is a recognition to the efforts of our entire company in the area of climate change. 

In line with its Management Philosophy, The Fuji Oil group promotes ESG management to achieve sustainable growth while contributing to a sustainable society. In April 2019, Fuji Oil Holdings established the position of Chief ESG Officer(C”ESG”O), which is also on the board of directors, to reinforce the Group’s ESG management.

Risks and opportunities associated with climate change have been evaluated through a Group-wide risk management system. On May 2019, the Fuji Oil Group joined other sustainability frontrunners in the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In the future, we will visualize risks and opportunities on our business resulting from climate change, through the participation in the TCFD Consortium and dialogue with stakeholders.

In addition, in FY2018 The Fuji Oil Group formulated the” Environmental Vision 2030” in order to contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement, an international framework to address global warming. This vision sets CO2 reduction targets in line with the Science Based Target (SBT) approach. Fuji Oil’s Environmental Vision 2030 is available at